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Published everywhere, occasionally uncredited

Spin Magazine, Rollingstone & a bunch of magazines /blogs in Sweden that never gave me a copy for my archives!

A very kind blurb on my piece

Review from the Skin show

Group show in NE Minneapolis, 2003

Discovered from the Skin show by the author, my work is published in this book

If a Photographer doesn't get credit, did her career actually ever happen?

I hustled to make this story happen and get a photo press pass for this story, many emails and phone calls and paying for metered parking

I was so excited about this being my first paid* & published gig, straight out of college!

The editor forgot something though...

I can laugh at it now + just publish this here.

This newspaper is dead now, btw.

Karma? idk?!!

*Paid= but this was in the transition from film to digital, so I made enough profit to buy a coffee!